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The “Polypedestal” is superior to all other V.I.P. pit latrine pedestals on the world market, and the advantages we list hereunder place our product on a “pedestal” of its own.

Flies are attracted to the V.I.P. toilet vicinity by instinct, and having arrived in the area of the toilet pedestal, are induced to enter under the closed double flap seat assembly, which is, by design, raised approximately 4mm from the upper rim of the actual pedestal, thus leaving a gap around the seat-to-pedestal area. By virtue of the external black, north-facing (where possible) vent pipe, extended 200mm above the highest point of the toilet block/shed, a continuous vacuum is formed by the vent pipe. The flow of air thus travels through under the raised seat (4mm) and down through the black funnel, into the pit, and finally exits via the vent pipe. The pipe has a gauze covering at the top and, since a fly rises to light only, when it finally reaches the top inside of the pipe, it is trapped and ultimately dies from exhaustion. The black seat, cover and funnel assembly preclude any light in that area to which the fly might rise. Our unique design, therefore, provides an hygienic odourless toilet facility and a positive fly trap, not only for the flies having entered the toilet, but the same fate befalls flies which hatch from the eggs laid in the pit by its predecessors!

The outer casing of the pedestal resembles a conventional w.c. pan, and is manufactured throughout from virgin polyethylene, with an indefinite lifespan.

When casting the concrete deck slab, a circular aperture of 160mm diameter only is required to accept the lower section of the directional black funnel. The design of the product ensures that no weight is distributed on to the funnel at any time.

Installation is extremely simple, and provision is made for securing the pedestal to the floor by way of 2 x 6mm diameter coach screws and Fischer plugs which form part of each kit.

It is essential that the toilet lid be returned to the closed position after usage.

From experience, we have found that, by virtue of our design (steep smooth rear wall of the funnel), any faeces adhering to the funnel will flake off on a continuous basis.


Height : 610mm
Width : 360mm
Depth : 460mm
Weight : 2.7kg


Height : 50mm
Width : 375mm
Depth : 460mm
Weight : 0.5kg