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What is Sewage Treatment?

Sewage treatment is part of a waste management process where toxins and pollutants are removed from the effluent in order to release water that can be used for irrigating crops, lawns, gardens flowers. In rural areas an artificial wasteland can be created which can discharge into a pond.

This is a very good solution when areas are experiencing droughts, water shortages and water restrictions. Ballam Waterslot has been in the business of onsite sewage disposal since 1982 and we have manufactured our own sewage treatment plant.

The Crown of Sewage Treatment

The GEM sewage treatment plant is an onsite sewage treatment system that is designed to be used in environmentally sensitive areas. This provides a unique solution for human sewage disposal.

The sewage undergoes an anaerobic process where the effluent is treated in multiple chambers. The GEM sewage treatment plant ranges in sizes from 4 to 8 tanks with ranging capacities to treat between 3000 and 6000 litres of sewage per day.

With our experience we have learnt a few things about taking care of your sewage treatment plant

Care and Maintenance

The GEM sewage treatment plant is designed to be as maintenance free as possible however even an eco-friendly system as low maintenance as this deserves some care if it is to run well.

Effective Barrier

A few months into the operation of your treatment plant, a thick layer of scum will form in primary anaerobic tank; do not break this layer. It holds oxygen and forms an effective barrier for the process.

Kitchen Disposal

Avoid disposing oils and excess fats down kitchen drains. Despite being hot at time of disposal they will solidify and slow down the treatment process when they in the tank. As this slower breakdown occurs blockages may occur as the piping becomes smaller and smaller.

Grease Trap

Insert a grease trap on all drains from kitchen sinks, bathroom basins and showers before the water exits into the drainage system. These grease traps will need to be cleaned every morning after the debris has solidified.

Biodegradable Products

The GEM treatment process can treat 100% biodegradable materials. This means that when purchasing detergents please ensure they are biodegradable; written “septic tank friendly” or “suitable for septic tanks.” Materials made of cotton can also be treated.

Sand and Gravel

When washing your hands of sand or gravel ensure you do so outside the main drainage line as these minerals could fill the anaerobic tank prematurely.

To see more about how GEM treatment plant has been designed to be eco-friendly follow this link here We at Ballam Waterslot believe in staying abreast with the latest technology and promoting quality merchandise at affordable pricing. Contact us for any enquiries