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THE “Polycistern” is the perfect combination when used or installed in conjunction with a septic tank system – in fact, there could be no better cistern for this purpose. Apart from water-saving, it prevents excessive “fluid-over-solid” matter entering a septic tank of the “Poly-Rib” system.
Naturally, water-saving is necessary on all occasions, and that is precisely where the “Polycistern” is in a class of its own. 

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The aesthetic 6-litre cistern bears no resemblance to the conventional type of cistern with problematical flushing handle. Instead, the handle is replaced with a flush-fitting flip button on the upperside of the cistern lid. Once the button has been flipped to the right-hand side, flushing (of the w.c. pan) may be terminated at any stage up to 6 litres.

If a full 6-litre flush is required, the user simply presses the flip button to the right-hand side, and afterwards, the button will return to its normal horizontal/flush position.

It should not be forgotten that the less water entering a septic tank, the longer its retention period and the greater the pathogen removal.

Finally, and perhaps of most importance, it must be appreciated that, the less fluid entering the French drain, the longer the life of the system.

Height: 330mm, Width: 170mm, Depth: 400m, Weight: 2kg