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Ballam-Waterslot introduced another first in its field by way of a double waterproof pit liner, complete with vent pipes and an aesthetic V.I.P. toilet pedestal.

The “twin-tub” liner assembly consists of two interlocking “Poly-Rib” tanks of 1.200 litres each, with the feature of a cast in-situ slab placed over the coupled tanks, permitting alternating of the pedestal from one tank to the other manhole lid.

The slab should be approximately 2m2 allowing for a top structure to contain the toilet area, and the remaining inside space could serve as a garden shed cum storage room.

As opposed to a 2m2 constructed top structure, a single compartment of say 1,2 metres x 0,85 metres may be placed on the slab, and then at the time of alternating the tanks, it would be a simple matter to either slide the single structure to the empty chamber area, or dismantle and re-construct.

Assuming the first pit liner to be in use for 3 – 5 years by an average family, it is a simple matter for the positions of the pedestal and the empty chamber manhole lid to be alternated. The “full” tank is sealed off and the second chamber brought into use for say the next 3 – 5 years – after which period, the original chamber will contain decomposed human waste matter, which, when removed, may be used as odourless fertilizer; and thus the pit alternating process of usage offers a never-ending span of life.

The manhole apertures have a diameter of 450mm which allows for easy access to scoop out the compost from the sealed chamber.

The double pit liner has many advantages, such as the light-weight chambers, (46 kilograms each) which may be comfortably transported over rough terrain and placed in position by two personnel; the excavation needed is only 1,8 metres wide, 3,6 metres long, 1,3 metres deep, and installation designs are available for areas in rocky conditions. Further, no heavy transport to site, no on-site cranes or honeysuckers are required for erection and maintenance purposes.

The complete assembly consists of 2 x interlocking L.D.P.E. tanks, 1 x “Polypedestal” complete with double flap lid, 1 x airtight manhole cover, and 2 x 2,5 metre vent pipes with gauze and clip diffused in the upper ends.

The “twin-tub” combination is far more advantageous than any other pit liner currently available on the Southern African market, especially when taking into consideration cost and durability.

The end user can be assured that no pollution of subterranean waters will ever take place – a boon which will be welcomed by all health and environmental authorities.